MVP Rafting Release Download/Upload Page

MVP Rafting Release Download/Upload Page

The MVP's ACA Liability Insurance requires a release form be filled out
by all participants. (Or by parents in the case of minors.)

Once a signed release has been uploaded you will be added to the signup
list for raft/shredder/duckie paddlers.


1. Download and print the proper release form:
    ACA [Adult] Waiver & Liability Release
    ACA [Minor] Waiver & Liability Release

2. Fill it out and sign it. (Note: If already an ACA member let us know.)

3. Scan it or take a photo of it.

4. Upload below.

Upload Here:

Which DAY and BOAT are you requesting:     
(Note: If you're boating multiple days
please check all that apply. Also schedule
reversed this year with the Kennebec on
Saturday, and the Dead on Sunday!)
Fri (River TBD):
  NA Raft Shredder Duckie
Sat (Kennebec):
  NA Raft Shredder Duckie
Sun (Dead):
  NA Raft Shredder Duckie
MVP Sponsor Name:
Sponsor EMail Address:
Sponsor Phone Number:
Raft Passenger Legal Name:
Relationship to MVP Member:
If Minor, Parent/Guardian/Etc Name: 
Select image of signed release to upload:
Just to prove you're human, what
animal is pictured at right?